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Episode 013 - Rachel McLean

Oxford University student Rachel McLean mysteriously disappeared in 1991 from Cowley. This case focuses on who she was, the search for her and ultimately the upsetting conclusion

Episode 012 - Rachel Barber Part 2

Part 2 of 2. This episode focuses on the conclusion to the investigation into Rachel's disappearance and what actually caused the tragic end to this case.

Episode 011 - Rachel Barber Part 1

Part one of two focuses on the Story of Rachel Barber who was an ultra-talented dancer and had the world at her feet. This episode focuses on Rachel's life and the desperation that her family must have felt searching for her

Episode 010 - Lee Rigby

In May 2003 the United Kingdom was rocked by a crime which would stay with the British people forever as soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in broad daylight. So much is known about this shocking crime but how much of Lee's story are you aware of...


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Episode 009 - Joanna Yeates

Joanna goes missing when her boyfriend goes away for the weekend. Who is responsible for her passing and what impact did the UK media have on the outcome of the case.

Episode 008 - Lindsay Hawker

A dream of a new life abroad means a nightmare for one family. The story of Lindsay and the hunt for her killer.

Episode 007 - Molly McLaren

With it being National Stalking Awareness week this week in the U.K, this episode focuses on the terrible ordeal that Molly McLaren had to endure in the final year of her life.

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Channel 5 Documentary Stalked Murder in Slow Motion - Molly McLaren interview

Suzy Lampluegh Trust Trailer

Episode 006 - Jackie Poole

When a woman is found dead in a flat in Ruislip, West London, a murder investigation unearths a web of lies, deception and shall we say a touch of the paranormal... I will allow you to decide what eventually solved the crime.

Episode 005 - Catherine Genovese

A young female is attacked outside of her New York apartment block. Here the story of how people knew the crime was taking place... and did nothing to assist her.

Episode 004 - Colette Aram

On the night before Halloween 1983, Colette Aram left her family home to walk the short distance to her boyfriend's house. She never arrived.