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Episode 020 - Jenny Nicholl

19 year old Jenny packed a bag to go camping on 30th June 2005, four days later her car was located but no sign of Jenny. What had lead to her disappearance?

Episode 019 - Gillian Atkins

In 1983 school girl Gillian Atkins goes missing from Market Deeping, this is the story of when a crime shocks sleepy suburban England

Episode 018 - Sally Ann Bowman

Have you had an argument with your spouse or partner which you left unresolved?

Have you ever considered that it may be the last thing that you ever say to them?

This episode will show just how devastating it can be to just walk away.

Sally Ann left her ex boyfriends car after a row, five minutes later she had been attacked.

BONUS - True Crime Fix Extra Q&A episode

A Q&A episode which was hosted on the True Crime Fix Discussion Facebook page live on Friday 6th September. Taking questions from listeners through Facebook.

Episode 017 - Rana Faruqui

Rana Faruqui was a high flying professional in Buckinghamshire with a love of horses. Hear the story of how a chance encounter in 2002 led to 18 months of stress, upset and ultimately her passing.

Episode 016 - Rhys Jones

One of the most tragic things for any parent is the loss of a child. And when that child is killed in an act of needless violence it is impossible to comprehend.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the story of Rhys Jones.


Clips taken from

Liverpool daily post
Z cars at anfield
Rhys Jones - caught in the crossfire

Episode 015 - Celine Figard

Celine Figard fell in love with England in the early 90s and wanted to learn as much as she could about the country. Unfortunately, she also learned about the dark side of the UK as well.

Episode 014 - Gemma Hayter

Do you really know who your friends are? This week’s case is the story about Gemma Hayter who lived in the town of Rugby. What happens to this vulnerable young woman is horrific.

Episode 013 - Rachel McLean

Oxford University student Rachel McLean mysteriously disappeared in 1991 from Cowley. This case focuses on who she was, the search for her and ultimately the upsetting conclusion